The Right Foods for Puppies

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Vitamins and Minerals


For the development of bones and teeth, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are needed. The ratio and amount of these nutrients is especially important for the growth of large-breed puppies in order to maximize skeletal density and stability. Lack of vitamin and mineral balance in puppy-hood often will result in bone and joint problems later, especially for the large breeds.


A Balanced Diet for Growth


Do your research and talk to an expert, if necessary. Your veterinarian or animal nutritionist can help you to select a complete and balanced commercial diet that will meet your growing pet's needs depending on the breed and expected growth potential. This may mean that a large-breed dog will have different nutritional needs than a puppy that is going to grow only to a medium or small size.


In addition, unless your veterinarian has explicitly advised it, do not give your pet vitamin or mineral supplements while she is still in the growing phase of her development. Over-supplementation can be dangerous, possibly leading to improper skeletal development. A complete and balanced puppy food should provide every nutrient necessary, without the need for added supplements.


Good luck, and good growing!


Image source: sanjoyg / via Flickr