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5 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Find “The One”

It’s a cold, brutal world out there, especially when it comes to dating. Luckily, your little (or big) furry friend can help you out.

That’s right. Your dog is like a beacon, shining the way to your perfect match. How? By testing your potential mate, that’s how.

We have the five top reasons why your dog is your best dating guide.

5. Droolzilla

Some dogs drool. They drool everywhere, on everything. You might think it’s just your dog doing his drooly thing when your date arrives and your dog jumps up to say hi, leaving a good ol' trail of drool all over your date’s expensive outfit. But it isn’t.

Your dog is actually executing a crafty plan to test your date's dog resistance. This was no accidental drool. If your date laughs, pats the dog and shrugs the incident off, then carry on! This is a good person. If the date gets all snarky and says ‘bad dog’, then it’s time to show your date the door.

4. Barkathon

Things seem to be going well with your new beau. However, your dog has suddenly taken to barking. Barking at the wall, the chair, a dust bunny, the sound of a car driving down the street. You get the picture.

Your dog is trying to help. This is his way of saying, “look at me, play with me!” If your beau gets annoyed at your dog's barking then this is not the right match. A good match is one that thinks it’s cute or amusing, or sees an opportunity to just stop and play with the dog. Good beau!

3. The Mysterious Case of Delicious Shoes and Socks

When expensive shoes suddenly become your dog’s favorite snack (and not yours, your new love’s), it’s not because your dog is hungry for leather. He’s actually playing cupid.

It’s all good and well to have nice shoes, but really, do you want a mate who’s a slob? With dogs, especially young ones, anything and everything needs to be tasted at least once, and shoes and socks are delicious. So, these things should be put away. Should you be the one reminding a grown person to pick up - - all the time? Your dog doesn’t think so.


2. Pooping Outside the Box

Or the puppy pad. On your beau’s hardwood floor. Peeing is also a test. Your dog isn’t being careless. He’s making sure you’re with a tolerant, loving soul, not a soulless materialistic person.

Dog knows best. A quick clean is all it takes to set things right. Banishing the dog to the cold outdoors, or yelling at him, is a big point loser.


1. Walks In the Rain at 3 a.m.

It’s raining, it’s the wee hours of the morning, and you took your dog for a walk before bed, but suddenly, he wants to go out, and bad.

If your beau offers to take the dog, you'll know you’re on to a winner. If your beau grumbles about being woken up – every time – time to move on.

Remember, your dog loves you the best, and he wants you to have the best and will stop at nothing to help you find it. Nothing…

Dogs: best friends through and through, especially when it comes to your love life.

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