Dog Fancy Magazine Announces 'America's Best Dog Park'


Other parks that were given high marks in the 2009 Dog Fancy magazine poll:


Dog Wood Dog Park, Jacksonville, FL. ( Voted "Best Place to Spend the Day," the Dog Wood Park is a 42-acre play park, with a 25-acre fenced off-leash area. With self-service bathing facilities, a 2-acre swimming pond, agility course, night lighting, obedience training and puppy kindergarten, and a separate playground where children and child-friendly dogs can play together, this dog park is bow-wow for the whole family.


The Howard and Erna Soldan Dog Park, Lansing, MI. ( Voted "Best Classes," the Soldan Dog Park is a free admission 17-acre off-leash dog park, offering a large pond, nature trails, and a special enclosed small dog area. Workshops include dog-park safety and etiquette, and classes include nutrition and canine body language.


Shaggy Pines Dog Park, Ada, MI. ( Voted "Best Community Outreach," Shaggy Pines offers 15-acres of leash-free space, self-serve washing facilities, a large pond, a jogging/hiking trail, and a "doggy mountain," for climbing and digging. For humans, they have a sunset deck overlooking the pond, with music and lounge chairs, and a coffee bar.


Among their outreach services, Shaggy Pines connects adoption centers with seekers, runs a kibble pantry for low income families, as well as other services for families in need, such as no cost vaccinations, behavior counseling, vouchers for spaying and neutering, and supplies, all for the goal of keeping dogs with their owners through times of financial hardship. They also have regular community events, obedience classes, and even have their own page on Facebook!


Howlabaloo Dog Park, Edinboro, PA. ( Voted "Best Pay-Per-Play," the Howlaballoo is 58 acres of doggie heaven. Separated into nine distinct areas, including open play areas with names like The Ree-Raw and the Shindig, and areas for field sports and agility play, the Howlabaloo is undoubtedly the amusement park of dog parks. Along the way, you will find five creeks to romp in, five ponds, trails to explore, rolling hills and wood to meander about, and weather shelters for protection from inclement conditions.