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Budgeting? How to Spoil Your Dog Without Breaking the Bank


These days, it’s all about cutting corners to make ends meet. And while you want to spoil your dog, you may feel you can’t when you have to watch every penny. But pampering your pooch doesn’t take loads of dough. You don’t have to be the Queen of England or come from an exclusive Upper East Side, New York family to let your dog live the life of the rich and famous.

So how, then, does one have budget-friendly fun with their furry yet penniless friend? Well, you can start by following a few of these tips.

Make Bath-time Lots of Fun

Instead of spending wads of cash you don’t have on those lovely doggy spas and boutiques that pamper, wash, dry and give your dog the kind of set curl (haircut) the other neighborhood dogs are jealous about, why not do it yourself?

When in doubt, DIY (do-it-yourself). Make the weekly bath a fun event. Give your dog lots of attention and the kind of fab massage your hairdresser gives you when you’re having your hair washed. Work the shampoo into his fur while working out the knots of his hard day.

Don't forget to speak in a soothing voice. One that will make him forget the marble interior of his usual spa. After all, what’s more decadent and pampering than you paying him this kind of attention?

Fifth Ave. Eats

We all know there are dogs that eat better than us. Valentino’s pampered pugs certainly come to mind. However, lovely as it might be to feed your dog out of crystal studded gold dishes and have a dog personal chef on staff to cook delicious doggy dinners, you don’t need any of this to spoil your pooch.

Just put on your chef's hat and cook a fantastic meal yourself. There are lots of doggy recipes available that won't break the bank. Even making her a dinner of organic chicken simmered with carrots and brown rice is easy, nutritious, cheap, and will make your dog feel like she's queen of the world.

Dog Toys "R" You

While shopping at those fancy dog boutiques can make you feel like both a Hollywood star and the best dog owner in the world, clothing and toys that costs more than your car doesn’t earn you any brownie points at the Dog Scouts of America (No, it doesn't exist!).

Why not check out those discount-clothing stores? You may be able to pick up a cheap, cute, cotton baby T-shirt or kids size shirt for a few bucks. If you can sew, all the better! And toys? Again, discount and dollar stores have heaps of cheap toys you can shower upon your pooch. Stuffed animals, balls and other things that make great chew toys are waiting to be found by you. Old shoes, socks, paper towel tubes, and even homemade sock puppets (stuff a sock with some material, sew it up and give to your dog) are all fair game for dogs.

When it comes to bedding, forget designer. Simply line her basket with soft old shirts of yours. She'll love it. Her bed will have a familiar scent -- you!

Now that you have these simple, frugal tricks on hand, you're well on your way to becoming top dog in pooch-spoiling.

Image: kozumel / via Flickr

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