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Too big, too small, or just right? Let petMD help you find the puppy that will be a perfect fit for your home.

So you have decided to get a puppy, but you just are not sure which breed will best fit the size of your house (or apartment). Well, before you find yourself paraphrasing any movie clichés like, “This place ain't big enough for the both of us,” you will need to honestly assess how much space you will be able to give this new roommate of yours.

Do not, we repeat, do not base this decision solely on the adorable little puppy you might be cradling in your arms. Puppies grow to their full size in a surprisingly short amount of time and it is important that you do not get a larger breed type dog now, with hopes of moving into a larger place later. Plans can change, and it is better to wait until you have moved into the larger space than to find yourself and your mate crammed into a shrinking space.

One option is to adopt a small dog that will be a better fit. The Dachshund, Pug, Chihuahua, Chow Chow, Cockapoo, Poodle, Shi Tzu, Beagle, Jack Russell and certain other types of terriers are considered great apartment dogs. They remain small and need very little space to run around when they are inside. Some of these breeds do require regular exercise, but a daily walk or two around the block is more than enough to keep them well and in good spirits.

On the other hand, there are medium to large sizes that will be content in a small space. The Bulldog and Greyhound are good examples of dog breeds that are happy to lounge around the house, though they will need a daily dose of physical activity.

You should also consider the happiness of your neighbors when you make your decision. For instance, a good nighttime watchdog can make for a daytime nuisance. If there is no one at home to distract the dog from barking at passesrby or squirrels, you will likely get complaints. If you think your puppy will be a barker, be preventive. Look into a day care kennel, where you can drop your baby when you go to work, and pick it up on your way home.

Remember, finding the ideal dog that matches your living space, lifestyle, and personality, will make your small home a warmer and brighter space to live in -- with plenty of room left over.

Image: HiggySTFC / via Flickr

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