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Woof Wednesday

The world’s oldest dog, a Dachshund from Long Island, NY, recently celebrated her 21st birthday. We think there’s more to celebrate than that.

Chanel, a fitting name for such a glamorous Grande Dame, deserves to be celebrated just for being her! And we’re going to do just that by sharing some fun and interesting facts about her.

#1 Age is Relative

Twenty-one in dog years is around 120 in human years! This would make Chanel the world’s oldest person, too. And, she has all her hair, although it’s faded to white now.

#2 Temperate Climate

An old dog might not be able to learn new tricks, but she can certainly live in comfort. Chanel resides in a home kept at balmy 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps her nice and warm and there’s no risk of chills or catching colds.

#3 Fashionista

A fashionista with a practical bent, Chanel wears delightful sweaters and T-shirts -- clothing that look good but also keep her warm. She gets cold very easily. And no, the sunglasses she sports aren't for vanity's sake or to kljsfskl her superstar status. Instead, the Doggles are to help her with the cataracts.

#4 World Famous

Chanel, according to the hallowed pages of the Guiness Book of World Records, is officially the oldest dog in the world. She’s also appeared on TV shows such as the Today show, in newspapers and on fine websites, such as

#5 Athlete

In her youth, Chanel used to go running with her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, about three times per week. Now she sticks to being carried about, with the occasional walk thrown into the mix. But don’t call her lazy … Chanel still loves to play. She likes to finish such activities with her favorite meal: chicken and wholewheat pasta.

So, there you have it. Some fun facts about Chanel. And now she’s legal, we’ll raise a proverbial glass of the finest bubbly in her honor.

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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