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In this busy world it’s sometimes hard to find quality time to spend with your dog, as well as take some much needed time for yourself to just "veg" out and do nothing.


Well, with the help of the team here at petMD, we’ve come up with a brilliant way to combine the two: watch movies together! Not just any old movies, but ones both you and your pooch will enjoy … movies starring dogs! And to make your job even easier, we’ve put together the top five films to watch with your dog.

#5 Scooby Doo

We’re betting you watched it as a kid. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a big, goofy, crime-solving, talking dog? So when we found out that some Hollywood guru decided to bring the fun and adventures from the cartoon to a live-action big screen film, we thought it was simply genius. Relive your childhood and let your dog dream of fighting crime. You’ll both have a great time!

#4 Best In Show

This film is a satirical look inside the dog show world, and is a laugh from beginning to end! A mockumentary, it will show you how far some people will go to win the most coveted award of all, Best In Show. You’ll love it for the laughs, but also the wit. Your dog, meanwhile, will love it as the dogs show off their prettier side.

#3 101 Dalmatians

Whether its the live film or the classic Disney animated film, 101 Dalmatians has got everything, including (what else?) one hundred and one Dalmatians. It also gave the world Cruella de Vil, the animal fur wearing villainess all dogs love to hate.

#2 The Lady & The Tramp

When the highbred Lady, a cocker Spaniel with a collar and a license, has her life turned upside down by a new baby in the household, she finds herself on the streets with a dog from the wrong side of the kennel: The Tramp. Lively adventures ensue and they share one of the most memorable kisses in film history. I think we all know this movie, but if your dog hasn’t seen it (or even if he has), he’s going to love it. This is especially good for the romantic dog, or the mutt that needs to be shown dreams really can come true.

#1 Homeward Bound

This has everything: dogs, cats, action, adventure, and some fabulous scenery. Two dogs and a cat go in search of their family after their family leaves with far-off friends to go on vacation. The action begins when the animals begin to worry and go off in search of their family whilst their family does the same. Homeward Bound is a heartwarming, genuine, and adventurous story for all dogs (and a great way for the non-cat-friendly pooches to see that kitties are actually okay). Don’t forget to bring the tissues, though.

So there you have it, the perfect way to relax and spend quality time with your pooch.

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