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Woof Wednesday

Any day is a good day to decide to get a dog. What’s not to love about dogs? They’re friendly, furry, loving, loyal, and make you very happy. Everyone should have a doggy friend in their lives.

The only thing is, what kind of dog to get? And, do you get a mutt or a purebred? We are advocates of rescuing abandoned dogs, of course, but these days you can get abandoned purebred dogs at shelters, too.

Here are four tips to help you pick the perfect pup.

#4 Time Table

Before you rush out and get a dog, you need to think about your time restraints. Are you always out and about working long hours? Or do you work from home or spend a lot of time there?

These things can be very important in choosing the type of dog you get. If you are in a constant state of chaos, a dog that is high maintenance and needs heaps of exercise may not be convenient. Talk to an expert (and consult PetMD's Breedopedia) about the best breed for you.

#3 Age Matters

A tiny puppy may be adorable, but if you don’t have the time or the inclination to tend to your pup’s needs, then we suggest you look at an older dog for adoption.

Older dogs are not only more likely to have been house-trained, but they’re loving, friendly, loyal, and not as rambunctious or quick-tempered as a little pup. Best of all, the older dog won’t chow down on your newest pair of Jimmy Choos.

#2 Living Together

Let’s face it, a huge Saint Bernard or Mastiff in a teeny apartment simply isn’t the best idea. Your living space yard (or lack there of) will all play a large role in choosing a suitable breed.

Some small dogs are in need of plenty of exercise, while others aren’t. A small space can often lead to a bored dog. And even with a large space, some dogs need a yarn to play in while you’re away. Do your research and ask questions before choosing your new canine buddy; you want it to be a match made in heaven, rather than The Odd Couple.

#1 Choose an Experienced Breeder

So, you've done a little research, some major self-examination, and you've got your heart on the perfect dog breed for you. Now it's off to any old breeder, right? Wrong! There are some unscrupulous people out there who are willing to hand over a dog with defects, and just as bad, many of those people have puppy mills. These are awful places where dogs are churned out with no regards to the parents’ well-being or the well-being of the puppies, especially those deemed imperfect.

If you’re going to go through a breeder, it may be best to verify their credentials with the American Kennel Club (AKC). They should be able to point you to a responsible breeder. Remember, not only do you want to have a great pup, you want to be certain your new pet has come from a home that was filled with love and respect of all things canine.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get yourself a new dog!

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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