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Woof Wednesday 

What has a brogue but isn’t a) Sean Connery, or b) Gerard Butler? No, it's not some new, sexy, up-and-coming Scottish actor (but one can hope…). We’re talking about a dog! The Scottish Deerhound, to be exact. And we have some fascinating facts, just for you.

1. Hey, Good Looking

Tall, lean, and graceful, the Scottish Deerhound is the Gisele Bündchen of doggy runways, which isn't too surprising considering his elegant cousins: the Whippet and Afghan Hound.

2. Olympian in Training

Okay, not really, but this enormous canine is quite active. In fact, he's the antithesis of the "city type," if you know what we mean. This dog is full of boundless energy as a puppy and although a lover of long, long naps as a grown-up, he needs a space in which to gallop as an adult. Of course, since he is able to leap small fences in a single bound, you’ll also need to secure your living area so that he doesn't escape.

3. Ninja-esque

Well, only if you like your ninjas to be of the non-aggressive type. That's right, this gentle giant will never be the greatest guard dog at the pound, no matter how many training hours he puts in. The Scottish Deerhound is, however, polite with strangers and carries himself with an air of confidence and elegance.

4. No More Dogs, Ma

The Scottish Deerhound is a creature of heritage. Bred to chase prey, he can’t escape the instinct to chase creatures that run and is better off in a single-dog home. That is, unless you decide to go for other Deerhounds, especially those of the Scottish persuasion.

5. PG-rated

The Scottish Deerhound, while a fabulous creature, is not one for small children, especially when we’re talking about a puppy. Deerhounds tend to be standoffish by nature, which means while the pup will put up with well-mannered children, it may get defensive with overly hands-on kids or those who like to tease. Also, instinct may kick in and your Deerhound may chase children.

Aren't you proud to know more about the enigmatic Scottish Deerhound? Just don't be surprised if you see one of them strutting down the runways soon. Shaggy coats are all the rage this year … look at Brad Pitt and his shaggy goatee.

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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