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Woof Wednesday

Security alarm systems are great. They help protect your possessions and make you feel safe. Of course, we’d never suggest you change your mind about getting one or throw the one you have out. But, in our opinion, a dog is better than a security alarm (or at least makes your system much improved). For your reading pleasure, the top three reasons why …

#3 It's an Exercise Machine

Let’s face it, if you're a dog owner then you've been on plenty walks in your lifetime. Taking your dog for walks, however, not only keeps the dog fit and healthy, but you as well. Can your say your alarm helps you get into shape? We didn't think so. Also, taking your dog for walks means fresh air and interaction with other people -- always a good thing!

#2 The Fuzzy-Wuzzy Factor

Security alarms may be sleek and they may be unobtrusive, but they’ve never been called cute. A dog, on the other hand, is adorable. With a dog, you get the barking to scare any criminals, postmen, and passersby away, and a big dose of cuteness. In these tough times, a little cuteness is needed by all.

#1 Companionship and Devotion

An alarm will work as long as it’s powered up, but it can’t snuggle and keep you warm during the winter. An alarm will beep at you when you come home, but it won’t jump all over you, excited that you’ve returned home. And it most certainly won’t show be your most devoted, most loving long-time companion. That’s what dogs do the best. They will protect you and your home from all kinds of threats (both real and imaginary doggy foes), and love you unconditionally, no matter what.

So, while security alarms are all well and good, don’t you think your home also needs some doggy love and that little bit of extra protection that only a dog can give? Yeah, we thought so!

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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