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Woof Wednesday

Although the name Borzoi might sound like some kind of fascinating potted small tree, it’s not. You’re thinking of Bonsai. Bonsai is the Japanese masterful art of miniaturizing trees, while the Borzoi is a Russian breed of dog -- a beautiful, elegant one at that, thank you very much!.

Being that this cool dog (can you name any that aren't?) is unfamiliar to most, we're bringing the four most curious facts about the Borzoi.

#4 Can You Say Meow?

While the Borzoi do not meow (that would be most strange and disconcerting), they are considered to be undemanding and independent, like our feline friends. These gentle dogs rarely get into trouble and aren't known for digging holes in your furniture. But, like all of our furry friends, they’re very loving with their people.

#3 Deepest, Darkest Russia

Well, perhaps it's not from the deepest, darkest parts of Russia, but the Borzoi is Russian. Legend has it Kublai Kahn, the fifth Great Kahn of the Mongol Empire, brought the dogs to Russia in the 13th century. But then again, we don’t know for sure because we weren’t there. The Russian Tsars were also have said to be quite fond of the breed. So much so, in fact, that Borzois were only gifted from a Tsar during the time of their reign.

#2 Nine to Five

The Borzoi is indeed a working dog. Bred to hunt wolves, hares, and foxes for the nobility, they used to be called the Russian Wolfhound. And they haven’t lost their touch. The Borzoi can still run like the wind, and as sighthounds (dogs that track and chase game by sight), they are apt to chase anything that moves. So if you have one, or want to get one, you’ll need to keep them leashed on walks and also have a fenced in backyard.

#1 Gentle Giant

Gentle with people (although they were never so when hunting, which makes a lot of sense!), this is one of the giant dog breeds. They stand between 27 and 29 inches tall, but are elegant nonetheless. In fact, this is more of a high fashion model type of breed than a doggy linebacker. Borzoi dogs also make great house pets, although they can, as youngsters, get a little nervous around small children.

So there you have it, four fast facts on the Borzoi. And if you’re thinking of getting one, we say check out the Borzoi rescue shelters first!

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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