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Woof Wednesday

We know you know dogs, but like any subject you’re passionate about there are some things that slip by even the most ardent fans. So today, on this cool Woof Wednesday, we’re going to share with you five of the most unusual facts about dogs you probably never knew about.

#5 Not Tonight Dear …

If you have an unspayed dog and want to breed her, you better choose the time wisely. The female dog only goes into heat twice a year, and then for only twenty days.

Hey, she has better things to do the rest of the year than find herself a man! Dogs are so modern.

#4 Bark-Free Zone

The Basenji, a dog from Central Africa, is incapable of barking -- the only one of its kind!

But before you start thinking you found the perfect dog for an apartment where dogs aren’t allowed, he does make a sound. He makes a yodeling sound when excited. The dog is also prized for his hunting skills and his adorable curled tail.

#3 Barking Sand Beach

Okay, so this doesn't have to do with dogs per se, but it does have to do with barking. Located on the lush Hawaiian island of Kaua'i, there does indeed exist a beach called Barking Sands Beach where the dry sand grains squeak (or make barking sounds) when you rub it with your feet. Pretty nifty, and worth a trip to Hawaii.

#2 University Degree For Dogs?

The answer is yes if you’re a truffle hunter. The truffle hunting dog, Lagotto Romagnolo, is bred exclusively for truffle hunting (though they do not eat the truffles). A rather interesting and lucrative commodity, truffles are sold in the U.S. for about $1,000 per pound!

The course at the Barot University of Truffle Hunting Dogs in Italy can take up to four years to complete for the dogs and their handlers. Once graduated, these trained dogs are highly sought after. In fact, they are often stolen because of their valued and unique skill.

#1 Disco Dancing

Dogs and their trainers have been judged in some rather unconventional competitions over the years. One in particular, the dancing competition, had us just about falling out of our chairs.

Similar to figure skating, dogs and their trainers receive scores based on their timing, synchronicity, and feel for the music, as well as the difficulty of the routine.

Always the trendsetters, Italians have taken it one step further and now hold an annual dog disco where dogs and owners can dance the night away.

So there you have it, five rather curious facts about dogs you never knew.

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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