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Woof Wednesday

What’s that chant? "Dogs! What are they good for? Absolutely everything!" comes to mind. No wait, those aren’t the words ...

Anyway, what better dog breed to talk about on this fine Woof Wednesday (apologies if it’s raining where you are …) than the Great Dane.

And you're in luck, we have the top three things you positively must know about the Great Dane right here on hand at PetMD. Isn’t that convenient?

#1 The Tallest Of 'Em All?

Well, Gibson is, anyway. He holds the Guiness Book of Worlds Record distinction for being the tallest dog in the world.

You may scoff, but Gibson, a Harlequin Great Dane, comes in at a cool 42.2 inches high. It may not sound like much, but when Gibson is on his hind legs he's over 7 feet tall!

However much of a basketball player Gibson wants to be, the Great Dane is not the tallest breed of them all. The Irish Wolfhound is considered the tallest breed, on average, with the Great Dane coming in a very close second.

#2 Gentle Giant

Sure, Great Danes may be big, but they aren't an aggressive breed. No scary monsters or evil attack dogs here. The Great Dane is a brave, friendly, social, and loyal dog.

In fact, they love people, love having company over, and tend to get depressed when left alone (but really, who doesn’t?). Kind, gentle, and patient, Great Danes are also fantastic with kids. Basically, every man should base his temperament on a Dane (they'd get more dates that way).

#3The Greek Connection

A long time ago in a galaxy, which I’m told, is where we reside in, was a planet called Earth. And on this planet there reigned a great people: the Grecians.

These ancient people must have absolutely loved dogs because coins, dating from around 35 B.C., have been found bearing dogs that resembled our more hip and modern Great Danes.

Since then, their predecessors have been loved and coveted. In fact, through breeding programs in Germany, a dog was created that resembled this large dogs of yore, with some wonderful additional characteristics such as a spirited demeanor and a love of the hunt.

We welcome and adore these majestic and incredible animals. Their beauty still abounds.

Woof! It’s Wednesday.

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