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Looking for the perfect name for your new puppy? Pet360 polled our community and—after more than 300,000 users cast their votes—collected the top puppy names for 2013. Get the boy and girl names you voted to the top, below.

Boy Puppy Names

8. Boomer—a great name for a pup with a big, booming personality or a distinctive voice, the name boomer is also used to describe a male kangaroo making it a good fit for Aussie mixes and particularly bouncy puppies alike.

7. Hawkeye—an Old English name made popular by Marvel Comics in the 1960s and M*A*S*H in the ‘70s, Hawkeye is experiencing a resurgence with the 2012 film The Avengers. Look for it to remain popular as the series continues into 2015. Fans of the University of Iowa (where the hawkeye mascot reins supreme) may also pick the name Hawkeye to show their school spirit.

6. Otto—a German name meaning “wealthy,” names similar to Otto include Odis and Othello. Pop culture Ottos include super-villain Otto Octavius, or Doctor Octopus, in Marvel Comics Spider-Man, The Simpsons character Otto Mann and comic strip Beetle Bailey’s Otto the Dog.

5. Bailey—the only name to hit the top of both lists, Bailey is an English name meaning “bailiff” but is best known as a cream-based liqueur from Ireland. Cocktail aficionados have been known to name their latte-colored dogs Bailey regardless of their gender.

4. Cooper—with male celebrities like Anderson and Bradley Cooper gaining popularity, so has the first name Cooper for baby boys and puppies alike. An English name meaning “barrel maker,” the name has ranked among the top 100 baby boys names since 2007.

3. Finn—another popular choice for baby boys in Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the United States, the name Finn is of Irish descent and means “fair.” Made popular by the television show Glee and Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, similar names include Finian and Finlay.

2. Trapper—an American name also made an appearance in M*A*S*H (“Trapper John” McIntyre was introduced to the show in 1972), Trapper is a great fit for a pup that loves to hunt and explore in the woods.

1. Gus—a new number one name for 2013—Ace took the Pet360 top spot in 2012—Gus is a shortened version of the names Augustus, Angus and Gustav and means “great” or “majestic.” Pop culture characters include Cinderella’s mouse Gus and Gus Fring in the TV series Breaking Bad.

Girl Puppy Names

8. Molly—a Hebrew name derived from the name Mary, celebrities with the name include Molly Sims, Molly Ringwald and “The Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Similar names include Mollie and Milly.

7. Zoey—the third most popular puppy name in 2012, Zoey has likely become a favorite of pet parents nationwide due to actress Zooey Deschanel. A Greek name meaning “life,” variations of the name include Zoe and Zora.

6. Katie—just because singer Katy Perry is a cat lover doesn’t mean you can’t give your puppy a similar name in her honor. Another Greek name meaning “pure,” Katie is a perfect fit for your angelic, perfect puppy.

5. Sophie—similar to Sophia, the number one girl baby name in 2012, Sophie is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.” If your pup displays razor-sharp skills (and housetrains quickly!), she may be born to be a Sophie.

4. Bella—the top female puppy name and 54th favorite baby girl name in 2012, Bella has been popular since character Bella Swan and the infamous Twilight series hit bookshelves in 2005.

3. Coco—the perfect choice for your diva pup, this French name has been made popular by designer Coco Chanel as a nickname for decades. The name may also be recognizable to fans of the show Family Guy, as Brian Griffin’s father was named Coco.  

2. Bailey—see number five on the list of boy puppy names for a description of the name Bailey. The name also cracked the top 100 baby girl names of 2012.

1. Stella—another finisher in the top 100 baby names of 2012, Stella is a Latin name meaning “star.” Made popular in the 19th century through literature and films (A Streetcar Named Desire, notably), the name has recently found a second wave of fame through the Pritchett family’s French bulldog in the show Modern Family.

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