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Are you looking for a sweet, loving, low-maintenance dog that loves snuggling just as much going to the dog park? A Greyhound just might be your perfect pet. Greyhounds are best-known for racing, but they’re actually giant teddy bears who are calm and loyal.

While the Greyhound might not be the first breed you’d think of when it comes to adopting a dog, there are plenty of reasons why you should adopt a greyhound. Here are five of the top reasons to adopt greyhounds as pets.

1. Greyhounds Make Great Apartment Dogs

Greyhounds are built for speed, but they’re also couch potatoes. “In spite of centuries of racing, Greyhounds are naturally rather lazy and laid-back,” says Dr. Jim Carlson, DVM at Grove Animal Hospital & Holistic Center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Greyhounds are perfect pets for an apartment, so long as they have comfortable places to relax and sprawl out.

Since their bodies are so thin, they need a nice, cozy dog bed that is soft and plush so they don’t get sore and also to keep them from getting cold. Be sure to invest in a comfy dog bed and dog blankets, but keep in mind, your Greyhound will be happiest when he’s on the couch, right next to you.

Greyhounds will also only require minimal exercise. According to Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club, they tend to have bursts of activity followed by long moments of calm. “They can run around in a fenced-in area, like a dog park, for 5-10 minutes, then sleep for 5 hours,” he says.

2. Greyhounds Require Minimal Grooming

Since Greyhounds don’t have a lot of hair, they don’t require much grooming. Forget long hours at the groomer with these pups.

According to Dr. Klein, they simply need a daily brushing session. Their hair doesn’t get matted or overgrown. Instead, a quick brush with a rubber dog glove brush will get the job done.

Greyhounds also don’t need to get bathed very often. “They’re almost catlike with their cleanliness,” says Dr. Klein. Unless they get particularly dirty, expect to give them a bath every eight to 12 weeks.

Due to their short hair and lean muscle mass, Greyhounds require a little extra protection in the cooler months. Be sure to get them a nice dog sweater or dog coat to keep their bodies warm on walks during the winter.

3. They Have a Sweet and Gentle Nature

Greyhounds are incredibly kind and sweet by nature. “They are really just big, huge teddy bears,” says Dr. Carlson.

Due to their tendency to stick close by your side when you’re at home, Greyhounds are considered to be clingy. If you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, they’re bound to be cuddled up next to you—or more likely, on you.

Since they are so devoted to their humans, they tend to be very quiet and reserved when meeting new people.

Greyhounds are also great with kids, especially older kids who are calmer and less rough-and-tumble than little kids. It’s important to supervise all interactions between your Greyhound—or any dog—and your kids to help them both learn how to play and interact with each other.

4. They Get Along With Other Dogs

Due to their gentle and calm nature, Greyhounds are friendly and affable with other dogs. According to Dr. Klein, “They get along with other dogs fantastically well.” He explains that Greyhounds don’t tend to assert “alpha dog” tendencies. Instead, they’re more likely to see other dogs as friends and playmates.

Sometimes, small dogs and cats might spark a Greyhound’s high prey drive. “If they see something, they will chase it,” Dr. Klein explains.

Dr. Klein notes that when you ease a Greyhound into a new situation, they’re easily adjustable. Be sure to make introductions with your other pets slowly and calmly. When introduced properly, your new dog is more than likely to become fast friends with your other pets.

5. You’ll Save a Life

When you rescue a retired racing Greyhound, you’ll do more than just gain a new best friend. You’ll also save a life.

Right now, there’s an increased need to place retired racing Greyhounds into forever homes due to the 2019 ban on Greyhound racing in Florida.

By adopting a Greyhound, you're helping to make room for another animal in need. Adopted Greyhounds, like any shelter dogs, will deeply appreciate being given a new lease on life.

By: Rebecca Desfosse

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