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How to Keep Fleas Away from Your Home


Effective flea control treatment can make your pet’s life more comfortable and protect you, your animal, and the rest of your family. While many safe and reliable products are on the market, selecting the right treatment depends on your pets and your lifestyle, Herold says.


Many pet parents prefer to use topical products to keep fleas off their animals, says Herold, who uses a spot-on flea product on her dog. But products that require monthly application may be inconvenient to use for some pet owners.


Appealing to families that dislike monthly treatments, marketers behind a new line of flea and tick collars for dogs and cats claim the collars provide eight months of protection from parasites. The collars use a technology that releases the active flea-killing ingredients in controlled doses over an extended period of time.


Oral medication is another option for pets and their owners.


“There is not a single strategy that works for everyone,” Herold says. “Your veterinarian can make a recommendation based on your household.”


Families with cats and dogs must be extra careful not to mix up the medicine. Products containing permethrin for dogs can be poisonous to cats, Herold says.


Cleaning Your Environment to Make it a Flea-Free Zone


As Herold points out, removing fleas from your pet’s body is just the beginning.


Since fleas spend much of their life off your pet, just treating your furry friend will not make the problem go away, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) notes. 


Your pet can become re-infested when fleas that are breeding in your home become adults and latch on to your animal. The AVMA recommends thoroughly cleaning your pet’s sleeping area and vacuuming the floors and furniture that your animal frequents. Cleaning and vacuuming these areas will help remove and kill fleas in all stages of life, the AVMA says.


“If you can repeatedly get rid of eggs in carpeting, you then have to get rid of the vacuum bag… that must leave your house,” Herold says.


Getting rid of fleas in your home can be a time-consuming hassle, so patience and persistence are key to success.


“Most strategies take time,” Herold says. “You won’t get rid of fleas in a single day. You could bomb your house and still not get rid of all the fleas.”


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