Making Ends Meet While Eating Healthy - You and Your Dog!

Vladimir Negron
Dec 17, 2010
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Talk to Your Doctor

Changing a dog's diet is not for everyone, and it may not be the solution for your family. If your dog is on a prescription diet or is being treated for a long-term medical condition, ask your veterinarian for advice on whether another brand can be substituted to reduce your household costs. It is possible that there is no other food that can be fed to your dog because of an underlying health condition, but in most cases, a way can be found so that the dog can remain in its home with the family.

Do not be shy about asking your veterinarian what you can do in your situation. You are not alone, and veterinarians encourage families to stay together, especially during the rough times. Your vet may know who you can contact for dog food assistance, if needed.

Finally, while table scraps and leftovers of your family's food is a treat for your dog, they should not take the place of animal food that has been formulated with the added minerals and fats your dog specifically needs.

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