Focusing on Protein in the Diet


Protein and Hyperactivity


Most dog caretakers at one time or another have heard this pronouncement: "High protein diets can make dogs hyper!"


I have searched the literature and contacted nutrition specialists regarding this myth and nowhere can I find any scientific study that proves this unfounded contention. There are no biochemical or nutritional factors that would even make this supposition appear to be credible.


Hyperactivity in dogs has numerous potential motivators, including genetic temperament predispositions, but a link between high levels of protein in a dog's diet and hyperactivity has yet to be proven.


I listened to a canine "expert" once tell me that Purina Hi Pro was causing hyperactivity in dogs and that he's seen it happen. I politely pointed out that Purina Hi Pro is in fact not high in protein at all ... and yet the myth goes on.


Feed your dog a high quality, meat-based diet and, just as nature set things up, your dog will thrive. Fear not the feeding of protein.


Image: doggybytes / via Flickr