Top dog named Milo!

Top dog named Milo!
Submitted by: Jennyyu2012

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Milo

  • 1. Hi My mommy and daddy rescued me and Im the luckiest dog alive I was moved from 5 different homes and was abused by mean people I didnt understand what I did wrong But Im happy now and in my forever home with lots of love
  • 2. The name just fit him.
  • 3. Well when we got him we just couldnt think of any other name but Milo he just fit it so wellHe is a Puggle
  • 4. My grandfather on my dads side was named Milo.
  • 5. He is a Chiweenie Chihuahua mixed with Dachshund The name Milo just seems to suit him

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