Top dog named Lucky!

Top dog named Lucky!
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Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Lucky

  • 1. Be saved as a puppy of the street lucky to be alive
  • 2. Having good fortune or bringing good luck
  • 3. One of the adorable puppies from Disneys 101 Dalmatians
  • 4. Getting Lucky all the time with female dogs
  • 5. Lucky Spencer from General Hospital
  • 6. He was our daughters first and only dog She could not pronounce Declan so we asked her to name him She was 4 years old and said He is lucky to get us so Lucky it is
  • 7. Lucky was headed to the pound,living outside with big dogs in a pen,skin&bones,no heat. I gave him a home,he is 15 now,has cancer,we have had him since he was around 3 years old,so I consider him Lucky,he is my indoor baby&oldest!

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