Top dog named Cooper!

Top dog named Cooper!
Submitted by: l_marcure

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Cooper

  • 1. Cooper means cuddles to me and fun!
  • 2. When we rescued Cooper a year ago we had no clue what to name him... he came with the name Nick and we could tell he hated that name. After choosing a few names we liked we let Cooper decide which one he liked best... and he responded to Cooper.
  • 3. Actor Gary Cooper or writer James Fenimore Cooper
  • 4. It means to me Mini Cooper Also the lady that got me in touch with a lady that rescues dogs her last name is Cooper Also a friend of mine when I was little who passed away at age 12 from Scleroderma which coincidentally I have now her last name was Coop
  • 5. White sox pitching coach

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