Top dog named Biscuit!

Top dog named Biscuit!
Submitted by: m8my

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Biscuit

  • 1. For the dog who loves treats
  • 2. My family called him biscuit because his coat is tan and white like a food biscuit
  • 3. Big droolingloyalloving companion that gives unconditional loveMy GSRottie MixRescued from a hoarder at 6 weeks oldhe was living in a tin shed along with his brothers sisters and momIt was 113 degrees outside in NTexas that daywith the heat index it felt
  • 4. He was 3 mos old and weighed 67 lbs in this photo I tried a few names Lucky Buddy but they just werent right On the third day I had him Biscuit just came to me out of nowhere The first time I said it he immediately responded He looked me in the eyes a
  • 5. loves food, loyal and super silly

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