Top dog named Bear!

Top dog named Bear!
Submitted by: Angie Findlay

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Bear

  • 1. A big strong kind of dog
  • 2. A cuddly teddybear type
  • 3. He was already named when we got him His full name is Pooh Bear He was named after Winnie the Pooh To me he is a cute cuddly little bear He loves to be hugged and pampered anytime of the day or night
  • 4. my husband had first pick of his sisters dogs litter of 12 pups and when he saw Bear he had the same color of a bear so that is what my husband and sons named himBear
  • 5. Born on Snowy Christmas Day. He looked like a polar bear.
  • 6. Grumpy growly

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