5 Tips For Bath Time Fun with Your Pets

3 min read


#2 Bubble, Bubble

Fortunately, no toil and trouble this time. But we will the best way to make bath time fun is getting your pet high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and spritzers, which are hopefully made in exotic locales using exquisite ingredients.


Of course, such luxe doesn’t have to cost a paw and a tail. In fact, some of the best are available at very reasonable prices. So find a brand (or brands) your pet likes…


#1 Treat Time!

During, before, and especially after … treats are a definite essential to any bath time. But make sure they’re healthy (sorry, no bacon). We love handmade, organic, healthy, delicious treats. Think Dean & Delucca. Think Harrods. Think luxe but with an affordable price tag.


And if you want more karmic bang for your hard-earned bucks, buy from small purveyors over large conglomerates. They'll also have your pet’s health and welfare in mind. Small people often have the biggest hearts.




So there you have it, our tips on the best in bath time essentials. But remember, whatever works for you and your pet, is perfect. Because your pet is loved.


Image: wsilver / via Flickr