Top dog named Molly!

Top dog named Molly!
Submitted by: panthall

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Molly

  • 1. Nickname for Mary
  • 2. As in The Unsinkable Molly Brown a surviving passenger on the ship Titanic
  • 3. Molly wants a biscuit
  • 4. Like Molly Macintire one of the first three Historical Characters of the American Girl Dolls representing the World War II Era
  • 5. Molly was named after my grandmother Molly
  • 6. As in Molly Corinthos Sonny and Alexis daughter on General Hospital
  • 7. Well when we got Molly as a puppy she used to maul us with kisses and love whenever she would see us So we decided to name her Molly because it fitted her so well

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