Top dog named Lady!

Top dog named Lady!
Submitted by: jbeeson1

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Lady

  • 1. she is a proper Lady
  • 2. We named her Lady cause we were calling her our little Lady she only weighed 42 lbs in this picture when she was 3 months old
  • 3. Beautiful in all ways
  • 4. She was left to die in MT. in the middle of winter . Her owners moved away and left her out on the streets in 3 below weather . She found me and with all she has been through she is so sweet and loving , and the manners of a little lady .
  • 5. Short for American country pop music group Lady Antebellum
  • 6. She was a rescue dog from a puppy mill where she was used for breeding The name just fits She very docile and lays on her pillow most of the time By the way she is a Yorkiepoo

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