Top dog named Ellie!

Top dog named Ellie!
Submitted by: rachel davis

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Ellie

  • 1. Light torch
  • 2. Just liked the name
  • 3. I just thought she looked like an Ellie
  • 4. Just the name that the humane society had given her and it seemed to fit so I kept it and I didn't want to confuse her. Also, originally her name was Ellen and I guess that I thought Ellie was more fitting and prettier.
  • 5. We named her after 2 cool Ellies. The first comes from the move, Up. Ellie was adventurous and full of life-- just like our Jack Russell mix. The second Ellie is from the video game, The Last of Us. This Ellie was spunky, brave and very smart. Our little
  • 6. Ellie from the movie, Up! She was adventurous, full of life, and such an explorer. This suited our Jack Russell mix

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