Top dog named Bella!

Top dog named Bella!
Submitted by: Emilee Holland

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Bella

  • 1. Bella means beautiful in Italian and she sure is beautiful
  • 2. Princess
  • 3. This was her name when we rescued her from a family that could no longer care for her anymore and were about to give to a shelter Since she was already 5 months old we decided not to change it
  • 4. French for very pretty also Belle
  • 5. Beautiful Mia Bella.
  • 6. Her name has no real significance I just knew that she had to be a Bella as soon as I saw the beautiful little bundle of joy
  • 7. Beautiful
  • 8. Beautiful
  • 9. Our sweet Princess!
  • 10. One that is very dearly loved
  • 11. Bella--for beautiful
  • 12. My mother in law had a dream about an offwhite dog named Bella a few days prior to our black Shar Pei passing on The night we lost Angus we were blessed with Bella and now have 2 more Soon to get another also
  • 13. Her name means "BELLA" = Beautiful in Italian
  • 14. Bella was already named when we got her. She's a wonderful dog, and has such a sweet disposition!
  • 15. My granddaughter named her
  • 16. My son got Bella when she was just a puppy. The lady that had her, already felt this name suited her, and I think it does! She's such a sweet dog, with a great disposition.

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