Top dog named Xena!

Top dog named Xena!
Submitted by: 17tsipim

Top Submitted Meanings For The Name Xena

  • 1. Xena Warrior PrincessMy little princess but a German Shepherd warrior at heart
  • 2. We named our dog Ridgeback mix Xena after the warrior princess character on that strange TV show about 10 years ago Our dog is certainly no warrior but a princess well we tend to think so
  • 3. We named our long coat Chihuahua Xena Smore Gizmo because of the show Xena Warrior Princess We loved the show and Xena has the same attitude as the title character as well as similar coloring and facial expression Our Chi is definitely a little warrior an
  • 4. I got the name from the 90s hit show Xena The Warrior Princess If you were to ever see her in action You will differently believe the name fits her well

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