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Inflammation of the Skin Blood Vessels in Dogs



Treating the underlying disease is of prime importance in resolving the symptoms. Antibiotics will be administered if infection is present, and intravenous fluids will be given if your dog is dehydrated. In cases of immune-mediated diseases (in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissues), drugs for suppressing the abnormal immune system response will be given.


Living and Management


If your dogs need to be treated with drugs to suppress the immune system, you will need to monitor the dog closely for any irregularities, change in health status, or new instances of illness. These types of drugs have the potential for serious side-effects, since the immune system is more vulnerable as a result of the immune suppression. You will need to do as much as possible to protect tour dog from any new infections, and provide for him a healthy diet and a stress-free living environment.


Follow-up examinations will be conducted around every two weeks to monitor the progress of therapy and make adjustments as needed. Routine laboratory testing and monitoring the level of immune system suppression is also required for these patients. The doses of drugs being used to suppress the immune system will be reduced if there is too much suppression and the dog is suffering as a result.


The overall prognosis largely depends on the successful treatment of the underlying disease. If the underlying disease cannot be diagnosed and treated, the prognosis is generally not good.



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