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Inflammatory Skin Disease in Dogs

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Treatment will depend on the stage of the disease and whether the animal is a long or short-haired breed. Clinical signs of the disease may come and go with time, and the results of the treatment will also often vary, depending on the stage of the disease once your pet has received a proper diagnosis.


Some dogs are more responsive to treatment than others. Historically, Akitas are less responsive to treatment than other breeds. A caretaker may need to try multiple treatments before finding a successful one.


Your veterinarian may recommend one, or more, or the following home treatments:


  • Brushing lightly to remove flaking
  • Internal medications to relieve advanced stages of the disease
  • A mixture of oils, water based solutions, and other skin rubs and shampoos to help remove scales and moisturize the skin
  • Use of antibacterial products and antibiotic-based shampoos to help with symptomatic relief
  • Soaking in oil and massaging oil throughout the skin to encourage sloughing of flaking skin and scales.


Living and Management


Many researchers and veterinarians advise dogs owners to register their pets so that they can be tracked. In this way, researchers may be able to discover a mode of inheritance for the disease.


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