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Testicular Swelling in Dogs

Treatment and Care


Treatment depends on whether or not your dog is used for breeding. If it is, and the problem only affects one side of the testes (unilateral), partial castration may be an option. However, if the condition affects both sides, or if your dog is not intended for breeding, full castration is generally recommended.

In addition to this, your dog should be treated with antibiotics for at least three weeks. However, antibiotic treatment alone will not always lead to improvement.


Living and Management


The condition itself, or castration (even if unilateral), can result in permanent infertility. Your dog's semen should be checked for viability three months after the treatment.




Prompt treatment of wounds and preventing infections are the best weapons against epididymitis and orchitis. It is also best to keep your dog in good health, while visiting your veterinarian regularly for progress checks.



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