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Stalled Labor and Delivery Problems in Dogs



Drugs to promote uterine muscle contractions will be given on the basis of the preliminary diagnosis. Repeated injections are often required with continuous monitoring to watch over the mother's progress. Intravenous fluids may also be used as a way of administering drugs and supplements to your dog, while also keeping her hydrated.


Normal calcium and glucose levels are required for normal contractions of uterine muscles. If your dog is exhibiting low levels of calcium or glucose, intravenous therapy will be initiated. Unfortunately, not all dogs will respond to medical treatment. In these cases an immediate caesarean section surgery is performed to avoid fetal stress and death of the puppies and mother.


Living and Management


Your dog will need proper rest in a stress free environment in the time just before the due date, and during and after labor. The overall prognosis, for both the mother and her young, is generally favorable if medical assistance or surgical treatment is given without delay.



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