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Early Contractions and Labor in Dogs



If your dog is going into labor early, immediately contact your veterinarian or call the nearest emergency veterinarian for guidance. Your dog will most probably require medical treatment, either for an illness or to remove stillborn fetuses.


Living and Management


If your dog is pregnant you should not expose her to other animals in the three weeks before delivery and in the three weeks after giving birth. Even animals that have been living in your own house in close proximity with your dog should be segregated from her during this vulnerable time. As much as possible, keep the dog isolated in a warm, quiet room, where she can create a nesting area for herself and her puppies.


Some dogs feel the need to be alone, while others have no problems giving birth with someone nearby. Some will even feel more comfortable with a trusted human companion nearby. If you can, provide both options to your dog. Do not give your dog any medications during pregnancy without first consulting with your veterinarian. This includes flea medications and vaccinations. If your veterinarian is treating your dog for anything, make sure to tell the doctor that your dog is pregnant. For example, you may allow your veterinarian to deworm your dog while it is pregnant, as long as you inform your veterinarian about the pregnancy.


Do not board your dog in a kennel or otherwise move it unless you have no other option.


If your dog has bloody vaginal discharge while still preterm, call your veterinarian for advice immediately. You may want to consider taking your dog to the veterinarian for a pregnancy check-up at 30 days of pregnancy to be sure that the pregnancy is progressing as it should.


Most of the same precautions regarding medicines and vaccination hold true for the time following birth, while your dog is nursing her puppies. Always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog anything that might make its way into her bloodstream and milk.



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