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Infertility in Female Dogs



Improper breeding is most often at the root of the perceived infertility. To prevent this, the male dog may be bred to another bitch to test his ability to impregnate. Another alternative may be the use of gonadotropin, a hormone which induces ovulation in animals unable to do so normally.


If improper breeding does not seem at fault, your veterinarian will begin treatment for other underlying causes for infertility. For example, antibiotics are given if a uterine infection is suspected. Some of the surgical considerations include surgical repair of the obstructed reproductive tract, surgical correction of abnormalities in the vagina, removal of a cancerous ovary, and either draining or surgically removing the ovarian cysts. If your dog is found to have an underlying condition of hypothyroidism, your veterinarian will treat the condition, and will probably advise you not to breed your bitch, as this disease is often genetically inherited and passed on to further generations.


Living and Management


Your veterinarian will schedule a follow-up exam to test your dog's progesterone hormone levels, and to perform an ultrasonography exam to confirm a healthy pregnancy and placental position. If L-Thyroxine is prescribed, he or she will examine the dog after one month in order to ensure proper absorption.



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