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Advil Poisoning in Dogs




If ingestion has just occurred and symptoms are not present, vomiting may be induced using apomorphine, hydrogen peroxide or ipecac. Consult your veterinarian for instructions. Activated charcoal may be used to absorb the ibuprofen poison in the stomach. Gastric lavage (“pumping the stomach”) may also be necessary.


In cases where the kidneys have become damaged due to ibuprofen poisoning, fluid therapy and blood or plasma transfusions will be required. Controlling vomiting in dogs with anti-emetic medications may be recommended as well as the use of gastrointestinal protectants. Gastric perforation will require surgical correction. Anticonvulsant medications may be necessary if seizures occur.




Avoid accidental ingestion of Advil or other medications containing ibuprofen by securing all drugs in a location inaccessible to your dog.


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