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Skull and Spinal Cord Abnormalities in Dogs



The initial goal of treatment is to begin by relieving the pain. Based on your dog's age, and underlying health condition, your veterinarian will give your dog medications to reduce the pain that is associated with this disease. Surgery is the only treatment available for a resolution, but the success rate is not more than 50 percent. Surgery can often be performed to re-establish the pathway for normal CSF movement into the spinal cord. Acupuncture has also been found helpful in reducing the pain in affected patients. In patients with seizures, medications can usually be given to control the seizures.


Living and Management


The overall prognosis of this disease is highly variable. Some patients may live for years without complications, while others may become disabled by the pain and other symptoms that are associated with this disease. In some cases, disability may occur within a matter of a few months.


Good home nursing care is important for dogs with syringmyelia and/or chiari malformationin. While your dog is recovering, you may need to avoid grooming, such as brushing and vigorous bathing, due to the pain and sensitivity that is associated with this disease.


Your veterinarian will advise you regarding the proper care for your dog, including appropriate feeding practices and ways by which you can try to minimize your dog's pain. Regular check-ups are required to monitor the pain and neurological status of your dog and to adjust medications and therapy as needed.



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