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Neck and Back Pain in Dogs

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Because the causes for neck and back pain are so varied, the treatment is determined according to the nature of the disease and degree in which the spine's tissues are involved. Depending on the veterinarian's plan, your pet may need to be hospitalized. Treatments can often call for dog pain medication, surgery, or both.


Some possible treatments include anti-inflammatory agents, such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, and chemotherapy. Surgery, however, is required in the case of spinal trauma, paralysis, disc or vertebrae infection, and/or cancer located near the spinal cord.


Living and Management


Your pet will require plenty of home care. Make certain you follow the veterinarian's instructions as to medications and follow-up evaluations. Keep track of changes, watch for signs of improvement, and report them to the veterinarian. Avoid moving your pet and don’t let them exercise until it is approved by the veterinarian. Some animals recover well from neck and back pain; however, it’s a condition that can be very serious, even life-threatening.



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