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Blood in the Front of the Eye in Dogs



The objectives of hyphema treatment involve containing the inflammation and removing the underlying causes which contribute to the bleeding in the anterior chamber of the eye.


The common approaches to treatment are:


  • The use of corticosteroids as eye drops or ointment to cure inflammation arising out of the bleeding
  • Atropine eye drops to dilate the pupil and minimize sticking between the lens and the iris
  • Initiation of appropriate treatment for ocular deficiencies like retinal abnormalities (i.e., dysplasia), collie eye anomaly, glaucoma, etc.


Surgery may also be necessary for the correction of traumatic injuries and lesions.


Your dog's activity will need to be restricted if the problem has been caused by a clotting disorder. A clot in a vein or artery can quickly become fatal when vigorous movement encourages the clot to travel to the heart. In cases of clotting, your dog will need to be treated specifically for dissolving the clot. In addition, if hyphema has significantly damaged your dog’s vision, it should not be allowed to go outside without supervision. Regular monitoring of the fluid pressure within the eye is also very important - daily checks for severe diseases, and in less severe cases, every two to three days until the condition has cleared up. To prevent your dog from inflicting further injury or irritation to the eye by scratching at it, you may want to ask your veterinarian for an Elizabethan collar - a wide collar that fits around the neck, preventing the dog from being able to reach its face with its paws.


Unless the ocular structures have suffered irreversible damage, the prognosis is usually good in case of traumas. In case of retinal detachments, secondary glaucoma will eventually develop, and surgical intervention may be necessary for relief of pain.


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