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Baldness and Hormone-Related Skin Disorders in Dogs



If your dog is suffering from abnormal reproductive hormone levels, neutering or spaying will be one of the primary treatments. This alone may be enough to resolve the skin disorders. If your dog is on estrogen therapy, and the results are adverse to the health of your dog, your veterinarian will discontinue it. Your veterinarian will prescribe prescription shampoo for dandruff, and topical medicines for the treatment or prevention of bacterial skin infections and itching.


Living and Management


It is highly advised that all dogs suspected of suffering from sex hormone related skin disorders should be spayed or neutered, but in any case, you should not breed your male dog if it is affected with cryptorchidism (undescended testicles). Your veterinarian will schedule follow-up appointments as necessary for further treatment of any underlying sex-hormone related causes of the skin disease.



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