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Yellow Skin (Jaundice) in Dogs

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Treatment largely depends on the underlying cause and is highly individualized. Dogs with serious or advanced disease might need to be hospitalized for initial intensive care and treatment. A nutritionally balanced diet is given according to daily energy requirements and disease status. Vitamin supplementation is also recommended in affected patients. Some cases may require surgery, like those with obstruction of the biliary tract, and a blood transfusion may be required if severe anemia is present.


Living and Management


Prognosis of this disease largely depends on the underlying cause and treatment offered. However, proper diet, timely administration of medicines, complete rest, and regular monitoring will help your dog throughout the healing process.


Do not give any drug or modify dosage without the expressed approval of your dog's veterinarian, especially painkillers, which may prove to be toxic for the liver in this condition. Because the liver is the central organ for metabolism, toxicity may occur in cases of liver impairment.


Dogs with liver failure need an extremely high level of care at home due to the inherent instability of this condition. These animals may bleed at any time. If you see your pet bleeding, immediately call your veterinarian for help. In addition, advise your veterinarian should the dog's feces or urine change color.



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