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Taurine Deficiency in Dogs



Taurine supplementation is the treatment of choice for dogs suffering from taurine deficiency. In some dogs, lifetime taurine supplementation may be required to prevent recurrent taurine deficiency. This will depend on the severity of the deficiency and your dog's ability to maintain levels of taurine as it is ingested. For some patients, taurine supplementation may be discontinued after resolution of the symptoms.


Living and Management


Good nursing care is required at home during treatment. Give medications at the prescribed dose and frequency to avoid aggravation of the symptoms. In case of heart disease, your dog will need proper rest in a stress free environment at home. Your veterinarian will schedule a follow-up examination to monitor the treatment response in your dog. While dramatic improvement is seen in most animals, some animals don’t respond well to the taurine supplementation and will need further treatment.



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