Rapid Heart Beat in Dogs

Alex German
Dec 08, 2009
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Dogs with sustained SVT or signs of congestive heart failure should be hospitalized immediately. There they may undergo a variety of non-pharmacologic, emergency interventions, including vagal maneuvers, precorial thump, and/or electrical cadioversion. Delivering a precordial thump is successful in terminating an SVT more than 90 percent of the time, but may break the ryhtym for only a brief period.

To perform a precordial thump, the dog is placed on its right side and then "thumped" in the affected region with a fist while recording the EKG.

Living and Management

Your veterinarian will schedule follow-up appointments for your dog as needed for treating the SVT and/or the underlying heart disease with prescription medication and/or dietary changes. He or she will recommend that you feed your dog a low sodium diet as well as restrict its activity until further notice. Short, low impact outdoor walks are ideal during this time.

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