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Collapse During Exercise in Labrador Retrievers




Most dogs with exercise induced collapse can be treated by avoiding the activities which cause it to collapse. Of course, exercise cannot be entirely avoided, so when your dog does exercise, all activity should be stopped at the first sign of weakness. Give your dog water to drink by mouth or spray it with cool water to help bring down the body temperature.


If changing your dog’s activities is not possible or is not helping, there are other things which might help. Some dogs have fewer episodes of collapse when their diet is changed and they gain a small amount of weight. If the dog is not neutered, neutering may help.


There are some medications that might helpful as well. Your veterinarian can help you to decide if one is right for your dog. Though medications will not help all dogs, in many dogs, medications may just decrease the number of episodes a dog has or minimize the severity of the episodes.


Living and Management


Being observant of your dog's condition is the most practical ongoing treatment and prevention. When your dog shows symptoms of exhaustion and imminent collapse, it is important to stop all activity and cool your dog down. If your dog can be treated simply by changing its activity level, you may need to do this for the rest of its life. If your dog has been prescribed medication to help with its symptoms, you will need to return to your veterinarian for regular follow-up visits to make sure that the medicine is not hurting any of your dog's internal organs. Make sure to follow all of the instructions you are given with the medication carefully, making changes only after consulting with your veterinarian. Usually, the number of episodes that your pet has will decrease with age.




It is important to avoid activities that will cause your dog to become weak to the point of collapse. Dogs that have been diagnosed with exercise induced collapse should not be used for breeding, as this is a hereditary condition.



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