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Clotting Disorders of the Platelets in Dogs



Patients with prolonged buccal mucosal times should be given special preparation before any surgery to prevent excessive bleeding during procedures. In addition, veterinarians should minimize injections to the patient and apply extended pressure after intravenous injections, intravenous catheterization, and invasive procedures.


Patients may be given a platelet transfusion to increase the number of platelets. This is also appropriate treatment if the underlying cause is von Willebrand disease. Patients should be transfused with platelets as a preventative measure or if it is noted that they are bleeding out. If your dog is anemic, whole blood or packed red cells should be transfused.


Animals with acquired thrombocytopathies should have the underlying cause of the disease treated. This means withdrawing them from certain medicines if necessary.


Living and Management


Thrombocyopathic pets may bleed at home, but it is very rare that they will bleed to death. Restrict your dog's activity during a bleeding episode, and try to avoid feeding  hard foods to your dog, as some foods may cause friction to the gum tissue, resulting in bleeding. If a hereditary disorder is found to be underlying the clotting disorder, it is advisable to have your dog fixed so that it cannot breed.



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