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Concerns About Pet Food Recalls and Safety Paramount to Owners, petMD Survey Finds


4. 'Made in the USA' Pet Food is Preferred


Concern for food safety and contaminated ingredients from countries such as China has also sparked a strong “made in the USA” preference among consumers. More than 84% of people who took the survey would prefer pet food products that are manufactured in a U.S. facility, and 98% want to see ingredients come only from the U.S. or countries with regulatory systems similar to the U.S., but not China.

This should not come as much of a surprise, though, as China has not only proved itself to be an unreliable source for safe ingredients in the pet industry but in many other industries as well.


5. Consumers Want Pet Food Manufacturing Kept 'In-House'


Consumers also signaled disapproval for a common industry practice of “co-manufacturing,” where a pet food company outsources the manufacture of their products to a factory it doesn’t own and that is under the supervision of others. Eighty percent of the respondents in the petMD survey said that it is important to them that a pet food company manufactures its own food under the watchful eye of their own employees.


Pet food companies that manufacture their food in their own plant under the supervision of their own employees have a much greater degree of control over the process and the safety procedures incorporated into the process. Pet owners should check the pet food label before purchase. If the food is manufactured by a third party, the pet food label must include the words "manufactured for" or "distributed by" in front of the address of the pet food company. This is a red flag that the company has outsourced the manufacture of the food.


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