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Sandra C. Mitchell, DVM, DABVP
Oct 04, 2021

The life of a dog seems like such a leisurely experience. Get out of bed, go outside to relieve yourself, come in, have a snack, and go back to bed. Then wake up, go outside again, have dinner, and then go back to bed for another nap. While this may seem like a lot of time… Read More

Melissa Boldan, DVM
Sep 30, 2021

Dogs’ stomachs make noises just like ours. Whether it’s growling, rumbling, or gurgling, a noisy dog stomach can mean a number of things. Often, it simply means your dog is hungry and their stomach is empty. Occasionally, the rumbling means they’ve just had a big meal and… Read More

Kasey Stopp, DVM, CVA
Sep 29, 2021

You may love your dog, but not all of us like “kisses” from our furry canine friends. Most pet parents believe their dogs lick them to show affection, but why do dogs really lick us? Does it mean something different if your dog licks your face, hands, ears, or feet? Why Do… Read More

Kasey Stopp, DVM, CVA
Sep 28, 2021

Has your dog ever stopped in the middle of a walk to point their nose to the sky and lick the air? Do they ever lick at the air briefly after eating a meal or enjoying a treat? Or maybe you hit the perfect itchy spot on your pup, and they licked at the air while you… Read More

Kasey Stopp, DVM, CVA
Sep 28, 2021

Dogs can find lots of ways to embarrass us with their behavior—from digging our underwear out of the hamper to display for guests to barking incessantly at neighbors slowly making their way along the sidewalk in front of our house. But no behavior is quite as awkward as… Read More

Teresa Manucy, DVM
Sep 27, 2021

You may have noticed sudden, brief twitching at some point while your dog was sleeping and wondered if they were dreaming or even expressing some type of discomfort. These involuntary movements—where a dog is twitching in their sleep—only occur during dream states and… Read More