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Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
Dec 14, 2018

Image via By Victoria Schade You’ve put in the time at dog training class and diligently practiced your homework, and now you’re convinced that you’re on your way to having a well-behaved best friend. But did you know that some of your daily… Read More

PetMD Editorial
Nov 26, 2018

Image via By Kate Hughes Dog training is a critical component of responsible dog ownership. Beyond simple cues like sit, stay and roll over, a well-trained dog knows how to behave around unfamiliar people, pets and environments. Positive reinforcement is… Read More

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
Nov 16, 2018

Teaching your dog to respond to the “down” cue by putting her belly on the ground requires creativity and patience. Down is a more complex dog training behavior than sit, and it can be more challenging for both student and teacher. The following overview will help… Read More

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
Nov 09, 2018

No-pull dog harnesses offer a gentle way to manage dogs that pull while on a lead. But because there are so many different dog harnessoptions available, trying to select the perfect one for your pulling pooch can be overwhelming. Whether you’re dealing with a dog that’s… Read More

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
Nov 08, 2018

Not all dog toys are created equal. From their country of origin and the materials they’re made of, to the way dogs interact with them, the dog toy market is overflowing with options that range from phenomenal to potentially harmful. And don’t forget about the toys that… Read More

Victoria Schade, CPDT-KA
Oct 23, 2018

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling your dog over and over again, only to have him ignore you—or worse yet, if your dog runs away in the opposite direction. The basic steps of training a dog to come when called are straightforward, but many pet parents don’t… Read More