Losing Weight While Exercising with Your Dog

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Tips for Weight Loss


Avoid feeling overwhelmed by beginning slowly. Make an initial commitment to regular exercise by planning a 30 minute walk with your dog, three times a week for the first month. Starting out slowly will allow you and your dog to adjust to the increased activity, gradually increasing your pace and time as you both feel stronger. Plan and arrange your meals with some forethought, with smaller servings several times a day so that between-meal hunger does not catch you off guard and lead you to snack on unplanned foods. Replace the high fat, high sugar treats with sweet fruits for you, and pet-friendly veggies and fruits for your dog.


You may want to consult with a veterinary dietician or veterinarian, at the least to get some advice on the best snack for your dog. Also keep in mind that not all foods are safe for dogs -- raisins and grapes, for example, are very toxic. Last but not least, weigh yourself and your dog once a week to chart your progress.


Losing weight, for both pets and people, is a commitment that requires patience and time, but with the help of your best furry friend, you can get healthier together, and have fun doing it.



Image: Sean Locke Photography / Shutterstock