Portable Dog Kennel


If you are a person on the go, then your dog probably is also. Find out if a portable kennel is right for your dog?


Is your pooch one of those fancy, indoor types? Do you live in an apartment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are you do not own a kennel for your dog. And what if you do have a backyard with a kennel? It’s often impractical to take that monstrosity of a wired enclosure everywhere you go.


While strapping your dog into the backseat might seem intriguing, it’s not the best idea -- especially if you are going to be driving at highway speeds. Instead, a portable travel kennel might be the perfect alternative for an afternoon trip or a vacation with the pooch.


Designed to be easily transported, porta-kennels run the gamut, from plush to playful, to bare bones practicality. They also vary in styles, including the collapsible and pop-up versions, and the classic hard-bodied kennel. Cleaning a porta-kennel is a breeze and their prices are reasonable enough that you can always buy another one if it gets soiled too badly.


If your dog is still in the growing stage, you might want to invest in a low cost portable kennel. This way it won't hurt your pocketbook as you replace it as your dog grows to its full size.


Don't worry, your dog can continue on living its posh life -- sleeping in a four poster pink canopy bed adorned in diamantés that spell out "princess" -- but when you are on the go, a porta-kennel is a great thing to have on hand. Remember, a dog in a closed kennel is always more welcome than a dog on the loose.